Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to Get the Most for Your Money - Post #1

Vista Spa Villa/Disney Cruise Line
Spa Treatments on a Cruise

Port-Day Promotions.
Book spa treatments on port days, when some treatments are discounted due to decreased demand.Port days offer substantial discount price opportunities.

Keep it Simple.
When it comes to on-board spa treatments, massages have some of the best overall value. With warmed oils pressed and rubbed deep into your tense muscles, the classic deep-tissue massage is an evergreen for good reason.

Sign-Up for the Combo Treatment.
A combo one-hour massage treatment that attacks the back, neck, and shoulders is one of the best ways to spend 50 minutes at sea. Hitting the three main spots for stress, this massage works out the knots.

Relax in the Steam Room.
The newest and largest ships have sprawling spas with 10 to 20 treatment rooms, plus relaxation areas and thermal suites with heated benches and steam chambers. Hydrotherapy pools are outfitted with pressure-point water jets to soothe muscles and invigorate the circulatory system.
If you've booked a treatment, you can typically use the steam chambers and pools. If you haven't booked a massage or other spa treatment, most ships also sell a day pass to use these facilities. For instance, Celebrity charges $20 for the day or $99 for a week's use of its Persian Garden.

Squeeze in an Express Treatment.
Some ships offer an express 10-minute version or a longer 25-minute scalp massage (or back or neck rubs). Enjoy the sheer pleasure of having the tension in your head or neck kneaded away without spending too much time away from the other activities aboard the cruise ship or in port.
        Get off the Ship, and go Local.
Beach vendors often offer cheap foot rubs and back massages at a fraction of what you'll pay in the ship's spa. Don't expect anything fancy (a humble sheet or mat atop the sand), but the backdrop is what counts -- and that great low price.

A relaxing time is waiting for you on a cruise ship. A massage or spa treatment is just the icing on the cake!

NOW let's go PLAN!!!

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