Sunday, July 13, 2014

When to Book Your Cruise?

Spring Break 2015 Cruises Cheapest NOW!

When we book cruises we always get asked when is the best time to book a cruise so you get the cheapest fare? That is a hard question to answer but I can tell you I always book my clients into a category where we can switch to cheaper fares if they should become available. Cruise lines have these for their guests and very few people know about them.


One of the major reasons to booking early is as simple as Economics 101. As a ship fills up or even a category, the prices start creeping up. Disney Cruise Lines sails with every ship at 98% capacity, every time! That means the earlier you book the better your price.
When was the last time you priced a Disney Cruise? Was it within 3 months of the sailing? If so your price might have been a lot higher than it would have been 9 months or 12 months before the sailing. In some cases this can be as much as $400 per person higher! Disney Cruise repeat guests always book 12 months before
because they know the prices are just going to go up and their favorite cabin will likely sell out.

All cruise lines follow this model somewhat. That is why I always encourage booking early and locking in your favorite category and price. The price could fall but if booked in the right category you can change your rate with no problem!

Using a travel agent is highly recommended when booking a cruise. Most travel agents are given amenities to offer guests. Some are cruise specialists that can offer you information about the ship, the itinerary and offer suggestions on the excursions. There are tricks and tips with just about every itinerary and ideas they can bring to the table. 

Next, we'll look at cabin choices and why booking early is important in selecting the right cabin for your family. Please take a moment to like us on Facebook and share our post on your wall! We are growing by leaps and bounds but only continue our growth because of you!

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Disney Packages 2015 Are Coming Soon!

Disney Spring Break 2015 is Coming!

Disney rolls out their packages in July for the next year. This usually means lots of Disney excitement in our house looking at what packages they come out with. The rush is on to get that package booked and the planning started! But do you really have to book so far out? In a word, YES. It helps for several reasons, we are going to talk about a few of those today.

Best Availability
It goes without saying that you will have the best categories available to you! Categories do fill up and you want to make sure you have the perfect accommodation for your amazing family vacation! If there will be many of you going, say your family of four, your parents, your in-laws and your sister with her family of five, it helps to book as far out as possible. Nerves get rattled when you are trying to get everyone taken care of in a short amount of time. Plus we can link your rooms together for value add like your photopasses and memory maker. Making sure your dining is taken care of at least 180 days in advance because large tables fill up quickly! And, giving you enough time to adjust for any changes within your family or with Disney itself.

Low Deposit
We can hold your room and package with a low deposit of $200 per room! That is phenomenal for a lot of reasons! First and foremost it locks in your price so if Disney increases the price of their tickets you are locked in at the package price now! Second, you can modify your reservation to any specials or savings discounts that come out without a penalty or fee! And, MackeyMouse Travel takes care of that for you (we sit on hold to do it while you play with your family!).

Pay For Vacation Over Time
Who has vacation money sitting in the bank when they book? Ok, some people do and of course there is credit cards, but for most of us we are trying to figure out a budget and stay within that set amount. Booking your vacation now gives you the opportunity to set up a budget, make monthly payments if you want and by the time your final payment is due, you have a small amount if any to pay! Leaving you a lot of time to plan for matching tshirts and which Mickey ears you are going to get!

So Disney should release their packages sometime in the next month. Give us a call to start working on the details for your amazing Disney Spring Break trip OR use the link below to send us the details and we will be ready to roll as soon as they release them. Also keep in mind that as a Disney Vacation Planner we can put a 7 day hold on any package Disney offers! 

Want more information? Check out our website at MackeyMouse Travel

Sunday, May 25, 2014

6 Things to do Your First Day!

6 great things to do your first day at Disney World

So you arrive around lunch time and don’t have tickets until the following day. What could you possibly do at Disney World to entertain your children until they get to see Mickey?

There are literally hundreds of things you could do but we have narrowed it down to just 6, in no particular order:

  1. Plan a first night dinner show. Disney has several really good shows that you can take in that you wouldn’t necessarily want to take park touring time out for. At Fort Wilderness you have 2 of them. The Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue and Mickey’s Backyard Barbeque. The Hoop Dee Doo is shown nightly, sometimes with 2 seating’s. The barbeque is only offered certain nights during the week so make sure you check the times. Another great choice is the Spirit of Aloha Dinner show at the Polynesian Resort. This luau inspired show gives you great Hawaiian culture and food while getting you ready to tour your favorite parks
  2. Dinner at Ohanas in the Polynesian and watch the fireworks from their beach. We love doing this!!
  3. Downtown Disney has lots of shopping, dining and street entertainment. Depending on the time of year you might have special events taking place too. There is even a bowling alley and movie theater!
  4. Circue du Soleil is truly amazing and a show you need to see at least once. It is located at Downtown Disney and is an additional ticket but well worth the admission. You could do dinner and the show!
  5. If you are visiting during the Holidays we love to tour the resorts to see the different decorations. The Deluxe resorts are especially gorgeous and will be decked out from November until January but you can also visit to see the fall decorations that go up in September!
  6. The water parks are open year round! It would be an excellent time to give them a try. Make sure you have them added to your package as “waterpark & more” feature because it could save you half the admission to the waterpark alone!

There are virtually hundreds more we could go over but these are my top picks. There is something to be said for just getting to your resort and relaxing by the pool and getting yourself ready for the adventurous fun week ahead!

Check with us in the weeks to come for great Spring Break ideas and Winter trip posts!! 

Happy Traveling!