Sunday, July 13, 2014

When to Book Your Cruise?

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When we book cruises we always get asked when is the best time to book a cruise so you get the cheapest fare? That is a hard question to answer but I can tell you I always book my clients into a category where we can switch to cheaper fares if they should become available. Cruise lines have these for their guests and very few people know about them.


One of the major reasons to booking early is as simple as Economics 101. As a ship fills up or even a category, the prices start creeping up. Disney Cruise Lines sails with every ship at 98% capacity, every time! That means the earlier you book the better your price.
When was the last time you priced a Disney Cruise? Was it within 3 months of the sailing? If so your price might have been a lot higher than it would have been 9 months or 12 months before the sailing. In some cases this can be as much as $400 per person higher! Disney Cruise repeat guests always book 12 months before
because they know the prices are just going to go up and their favorite cabin will likely sell out.

All cruise lines follow this model somewhat. That is why I always encourage booking early and locking in your favorite category and price. The price could fall but if booked in the right category you can change your rate with no problem!

Using a travel agent is highly recommended when booking a cruise. Most travel agents are given amenities to offer guests. Some are cruise specialists that can offer you information about the ship, the itinerary and offer suggestions on the excursions. There are tricks and tips with just about every itinerary and ideas they can bring to the table. 

Next, we'll look at cabin choices and why booking early is important in selecting the right cabin for your family. Please take a moment to like us on Facebook and share our post on your wall! We are growing by leaps and bounds but only continue our growth because of you!

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