Sunday, December 18, 2011

Choosing a Disney Resort

How on Earth do we Choose a Disney Resort??

There are many things that go into choosing a Disney resort. There is no rule or set of rules that you need to use. Your resort is a preference, a tally of all the things that you and your family need/want for your vacation. Our preference changes depending on the type of trip we are taking. Is it a family reunion of sorts? A simple 5 day 4 night trip with just us and the kids? Are we going to spend extra time at the resort participating in the amenities?

All of these questions lead up to your decision. And don’t worry, it’s Disney, no matter which resort you choose you can’t go wrong!  One of the biggest selling points about staying on Disney property is the Disney experience. Now Mickey won’t tuck you into bed, but it’s undeniable that Disney knows how to put the extra touches into everything they do! So if you need to take a couple of extra months to save up for a Disney resort or should I say THE Disney resort of your dreams, then by all means do so!

Disney has three classifications that makes deciding much easier. Value, Moderate, Deluxe.  And you are in luck! Your travel agent has stayed in all catagories! Not all resorts, but we have toured them all!

Value: An economic choice! Disney doesn’t chintz on theming in this category. You have The All Stars (Movies, Music and Sports), Pop Century and the newest gem opening in Late May 2012 Art Studio Suites. Value resorts are a great choice for an extended stay, a large family that might require 2 rooms and budget minded travelers. We have stayed at Pop Century and All Star Sports. You will find them lively and colorful. The each have a great food court, 2+ swimming pools, play areas, laundry facilities, guest services, airline check in, Disneys Magical Express and more.

The newest resort, Art Studio Suites will boast the most suites in this classification. This will allow as many as 8 people to stay in a single suite (with 2 bathrooms!).  Art Studio Suites is going to use animation from movies by Pixar to make this resort come to life. We will be trying this new one next year so we can give you a full report!

Moderate: Is exactly as the name implies. It’s a mid-level between the basics and the posh. Our favorite of all them is Port Orleans Riverside. We’ve stayed here many, many times and love it every time! You get the feel of a condo type resort and the rooms are slightly larger than the Value Resorts. Some even offer a trundle bed for a 5th person to sleep in the same room.

The other resorts in this category are Port Orleans French Quarter, Caribbean Beach Resort, and Coronado Springs. Disney also considers their Cabins at Fort Wilderness Campground to be a part of this category but I think they are in a class all their own!  You have a food court, multiple pools (some with slides), play areas, laundry facilities, guest services, airline check in, Disney’s Magical Express and more.

Deluxe: Disney is certainly the best at Deluxe. The resorts in this category have the largest rooms of all the categories, pools with large slides, 3 are located on the monorail, while the others give you a up close and personal touch at other Disney Theme Parks. The resorts you can choose from in this category are: The Grand Floridian, The Contemporary, The Polynesian, Wilderness Lodge, The Yacht and Beach Club, The Boardwalk, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

We love the Wilderness Lodge! It is by far our favorite for 2 reasons: it’s just a boat ride away from the Magic Kingdom and the theming is spectacular! Now many people will argue with me on this, because once you find your favorite Disney resort, it’s your favorite no matter what someone else says!  The amenities include close locations to either the Magic Kingdom (via monorail or boat), Epcot (boat or walk, Hollywood Studios (boat or walk) and Animal Kingdom (bus). 

Your choice isn’t simple but is a fun part of the process! The 3 things I use to decide are price, type of trip (quick or long) and number (how many in the group).  If you have trouble deciding and narrowing it down give us a call or email us and we can help you whiddle it down!  We are here to help you make the most of your Disney vacation and make sure that you have special memories to bring home with you!

Now Let’s go PLAN!

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