Monday, December 26, 2011

Making the Most of Your Vacation!

Making the Most of Your Vacation!

Let’s face it, a vacation is no longer an easy and inexpensive trip with the family in the station wagon. A little prep work can make your vacation memories that can last a lifetime. When preparing for any trip I always map out a plan. It doesn’t have to be a daily itinerary but it is a map of what the vacation is supposed to be.

Here is a sample of our 7 night Disney trip we took in April:

Now each day will be like Day 2 with a general idea of where we will be and whatever reservation we have. I’ve used this technique on trips to Seattle, Europe and other places. When we are going somewhere I’ve never been or we have specific items we can’t miss then I will have 2 itineraries for the family to use: one basic and a quick glance (laminated) and one I use and keep with me. That way everyone in the party knows where they are going, when they need to be there and if you do it early enough they can protest long before the trip!

Making the most of your vacation is a simple concept and the planning becomes one of the most fun parts of the trip!

Now Let’s go PLAN!!

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