Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why Use MackeyMouse Travel

Why Use a Travel Agent?

We've talked about this before, but I want to share an article I found about Corporate Travel Selling. Now we aren't all traveling for business but the same principles hold true for using a TA for your family travel. Read below to find out how I can help....

Corporate Travel Selling

There is infinite value in using a travel agent. Not only do they save time by researching and doing the legwork for the client they are also trained constantly on the best resorts, itineraries and values to match with the client's wishes. While a client may see two identical vacation packages is a dream and one is a nightmare. You, as a travel agent, are there to tell them which one would best fit their needs. You're there to offer advice, not just a low price - however: with your connections and relationships through your host agency, you achieve better discounts and deals because of the many incentives we negotiate from suppliers. As their travel agent, you're there from beginning to end to offer help should they need it at home or while on vacation.

Top reasons corporate clients use me:

1. I am available after regular business hours to handle your company travel.
Often in the geospatial business employees are in different countries and time zones. I am available to book or change travel plans at anytime.

2. Freeing up your employees time at minimal or no additional cost.
The suppliers provide my pay in the form of commission so the only cost to using my service is a minimal service fee (typically under $20.00) for some airline travel. Let your employees delegate travel plans to someone who specializes in travel.

3. I am able to provide up to date information and assistance.
As a travel professional I attend regular training in the travel industry allowing me to effectively and efficiently book, change and arrange your employees travel. Should a problem arise while your employees are traveling I can help in resolving issues and get them back to the job at hand.

4. I understand your budget needs.
I am aware that most companies prefer to keep the corporate travel budget under control and prefer to use the government per diem rate. I am often able to keep hotel cost at or around government per diem numbers.

Now substitute all this talk about Corporate Travel and incorporate your family name. I can help all of you find the best deals and am available to help you at any time. Travel is supposed to be fun. We are extremely busy and have multiple tasks going at any time. Let me take the stress and worry away from your family vacation and leave the relaxing and fun up to you!
Now Let's go PLAN!!

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