Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Magic Kingdom in 2 Days!


It can be done! I haven’t done a trip like this in many years but you can see everything in 2 days. You will be exhausted and you will need a vacation after your vacation, but you can do it!

Planning your days at the Magic Kingdom will largely be based on the people in your family/party. If you are traveling with toddlers you will spend most of your time in Fantasyland. If you are traveling with pre-teen to 99 you will spread out in the other lands and visit Fantasyland ocassionally.

We are always there for the opening. First of all, the opening show is a must see and gets everyone in the Disney spirit! If you get there way early you might even be picked as the opening family and be a part of the show! This is our goal someday!!!

Once the “rope” drops we head down Main Street (pausing for pictures and a chance for me to wipe the tears out of my eyes) and straight through the Castle to Fantasyland. Our first stop is Dumbo! This line gets out of control fast, so we make it first and might even do it second! While I am in line with the kids Steve heads over to Peter Pan and gets Fast Passes for the family. It’s my favorite and is an extremely short ride so I have to ride it a bunch!! He then heads back to us and we all 4 ride Dumbo! It’s kind of a tradition!!

Once we are off of Dumbo it’s a toss up and usually up to the kids but we go for either Pooh or Peter Pan. Then we switch and ride the other one. Our Fast Pass time should be coming up soon so we hit It’s A Small World and grab another Fast Pass usually for Pooh this time.

NOW, we are almost always at the Early Entry for Magic Kingdom. Our children are early risers so we get as much in as we possbily can! We have ridden Dumbo, Pooh, Peter Pan, Snow White, It’s A Small World, Carousel, Tea Cups, Goofy’s Barnstormer, Buzz, Pirates, Magic Carpets & The Haunted Mansion before 10:00 am!!  It’s a great feeling to get them done and then you can go back for more! PLUS we grab Fast Passes along the way!

This blog is about how to do Magic Kingdom in 2 days. So I’d push for as many of the rides listed above as early as possible. That way when you are walking through Frontierland enjoying the sights and sounds you will have the crowd behind you! It’s not about racing, it’s about time management. The majority of Disney’s crowd takes on the attitude of I want to sleep late, I’m on vacation or they act like they are going to get all 4 parks done in 1 day. Neither is a healthy Disney attitude!

Disney is much more than rides! You have to take in the shows, you have to take in the ambience and you have to lose the attitude of “this is just for kids”! Once you have the spirit you can enjoy and will willingly get up at 5:30 am on vacation J it’s not a requirement the whole time you are in the World but once or twice and you will be glad you did! 

Now Let’s go PLAN!!

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