Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Magical Beginnings

Magical Beginnings

The first time is the most magical! Enjoy Magical Beginnings presented by PLAYSKOOL®*, with age-appropriate attractions, entertainment, special services and awesome special events just for preschoolers! Discover tips and tools for planning a truly memorable experience with little ones.

Plan ahead with these great tools.
Find age-appropriate attractions and entertainment, and helpful tips for traveling with little ones!

Magical Beginnings Park Maps
Maps that are easy to read and
geared towards the little one(s)
in your family!

Disney Value
  • Little Guests under the age of 3 get into the Parks for free!
  • Disney Resort Guests enjoy lighter crowds with Extra Magic Hours.
  • Disney's Magical Express offers complimentary shuttle and luggage service from the Orlando airport to their Disney Resort.
  • Guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort enjoy free transportation and free parking at the Theme Parks.
  • Value, Moderate, and Deluxe Resort hotels are available to suit any budget.
Services Just for Little Ones
  • Length-of-stay stroller rentals are available for Guests who don't want to bring their own.
  • Baby Care Centers in Disney Theme Parks offer private rooms with rocking chairs for nursing mothers, diaper-changing rooms and rooms with highchairs. Diapers, formula and teethers are for sale.
  • Dining locations offer children's menus, crayons and coloring books.
  • Cribs, bed guardrails, baby-sitting services and child-care programs are available.
Hassle-Free Travel
    • Disney's FASTPASS® Service allows Guests to spend less time waiting in lines.
    • A "rider swap" program lets both parents enjoy a ride - one parent waits with the child while one parent rides. Afterwards, they switch places.
    • Disney Gifts or souvenirs purchased within Walt Disney World Resort can be delivered to the front of the Theme Park or to a Disney Resort for free.
    • When staying at a Disney Resort, it's a short trip back to the room for a nap before returning to the Park to watch fireworks at night!


    1. I will definitely go for stroller rentals Orlando. I don't want to be hassled by carrying and hauling our own strollers. Great tips by the way =)

    2. Thank you!

      We haven't rented one ourselves, we still drag ours along! But we did a weekend trip to Sea World and used their stroller, our 4 year old laid in the bottom and slept! That was a nice treat!

      Keep reading!