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Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

An entirely unique Disney experience just to the west of Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park. It's the thrill of staying at a wildlife reserve with animals grazing just beyond your balcony. Rejuvenate both body and spirit in luxurious surroundings while sharing the grandeur of the African wilderness. The beauty of the savannah, the rhythm of tribal drums, exquisite cuisine in lush settings and the lure of authentic African treasures all come together to celebrate the beauty and wonder of this vast and untamed continent.
A little about the resort:
·         The Lodge is 6 stories tall. You enter the expansive lobby on the 3rd floor of the resort.  There is a huge picture window which looks out upon 30 acres of land. From here, you can walk out onto an elevated viewing area (Arusha Rock) and enjoy the roaming animals.
·         All three savannas are special areas built specifically for the AKL and are separate from Disney's Animal Kingdom.  There are over 100 Sand Live Oak trees and 35,000 shrubs in the savannas.  Seeds for many of the plants were supplied from Africa.
·         Throughout the rest of the lobby, there are examples of authentic architecture and design, from thatched ceilings to golden tones reflecting the richness and diversity of an African landscape. Rich wood tones surround a large mud fireplace and natural lighting will celebrate dawn and dusk with features that accentuate spectacular sunrises and sunsets.
·         In the hallways, there are alcoves with glass windows providing savanna overlooks.
·         Next to Animal Kingdom Lodge is Kidani Village (opened May 1, 2009). Kidani Village is a Disney Vacation Club Resort. Kidani has its own parking, restaurant, and pool. It shares the Sunset Savannah with Animal Kingdom Lodge and has its own savannah (opened fall 2009) called Pembe.

A little about the savannahs:
·         The Animal Kingdom Lodge has three separate savannas (approximately 10 acres each) that are open 24 hours a day.  From left to right the savannas are named: Sunset, Arusha, and Uzima.
·         Each savanna has its own unique look and feel. Not all savannas have all the animals. For instance, ostriches can only be found on the Sunset savanna, zebras are only located on the Arusha savanna, kudu are only found on the Uzima savanna. Giraffes are the only animal found on all three savannas.
·         Each room has an animal viewing guide. You can also pick one up at the front desk.
·         At night, the savannas are illuminated by artificial moonlight as if a full moon were ever present.
·         "Safari Guides" are at the outside viewing areas and can answer your questions about the animals and birds.
·         Altogether, more than 200 mammals and birds of nearly three dozen species populate the 33-acre area. The savannas surround the lodge on three sides. You can view the birds and animals from resort balconies or from several viewing points -- including a landscaped rock outcropping called the Arusha Rock kopje -- 24 hours a day.
·         The savannas are the actual home for the animals and birds. All animals inhabiting the savanna return periodically to an on-site animal care facility for feeding and routine care. Many of the species browse, as well, on savanna plantings that are part of their everyday diet and are continually replenished by horticulturists.
·         The animals sleep on the savannas, although they are generally much further back and therefore you can't see them sleep. Each savanna is closed daily for approximately two hours for cleaning and handling animals, in shifts. There will always be at least two savannas open at all times.  A number of the animals are nocturnal and so you may spot them in the middle of the night.

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