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Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Palm-shaded courtyards and Spanish-style haciendas create the perfect climate for relaxation. Soak up the sun or splash in the pool, designed as an archeological dig site with a five-story Mayan pyramid. The Resort features colorful plazas and picturesque vistas reflecting the beauty of Mexico and the American Southwest.

Coronado Springs is another of Disney's moderately priced resorts that opened on August 1, 1997. The complex has 1,917 rooms and suites situated in three villages around a 15-acre lake called Lago Dorado.
This is Disney's first moderately priced convention hotel. There is a 95,000-square-foot convention center that includes a 60,214 square-foot. ballroom, as well as a full-service business center. The ballroom can accommodate 5,000 for a sit-down dinner or 6,500 meeting-style seats. There is also a 20,000 square- foot Junior Ballroom.

The foyer has a lovely fountain in its center, but it is the domed ceiling that is the true jewel of the entranceway. A soft pink glowing light opens into the dome itself... an incredible mural that depicts a gazebo with doves (lots of doves!) sitting/flying amidst a spring flower garden.

The CS has an American Southwest/northern Mexico theme. Plazas, courtyards and a rocky shoreline make up the terrain.

Themed to the region's urban areas, the Casitas (little houses) offer accommodations amidst plazas, fountains and palm-shaded courtyards. They are three and four stories and are the focus of convention accommodations. Architecturally, the Casitas represent urban centers like Santa Fe or Monterrey.

All sorts of surprises decorate the grounds of the Casitas... lovely fountains, and a serene pool. Disney, of course, wouldn't be Disney if it didn't have topiaries! In the Casitas, surrounded by a near-circle of gardenia bushes, sit the main characters from The Three Caballeros. One section of lawn highlights a really beautiful piece of art made out of columns and wooden slats.

The Ranchos are 2- and 3-story pueblo-style villas that reflect more arid rural regions in a rustic ranch setting, complete with small streams tumbling over a rocky steam bed.
On the northern shore of Lago Dorado are the two story Cabanas which reflect the beauty and serenity of Mexico's coastal regions. More than half the rooms have lake views. The Cabanas are 2-story buildings with a sandy shoreline.

The resort is built around a 15-acre shimmering lake, Lago Dorado. Named for European explorer Francisco de Coronado, CS is a showcase of native architecture and landscaping. There is a stepped Mayan pyramid towering over an elaborate 120'x90' pool area with a water slide and a playground that doubles as an archeological dig site for kids. There is a jaguar perched over the water slide spitting water at guests as they slide down... and be sure to look for the Hidden Mickeys.

Coronado Springs is definitely a huge resort, but its expansiveness is also part of its beauty. From almost anywhere at the resort you can look across water and see the other areas.

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