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How to Prepare for a Vacation at a Disney Park

New Series: How to Prepare for a Vacation at a Disney Park

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Getting Ready to Go! 
How can a guest get the absolute most theme park fun – and value – out of a Walt Disney World visit?
The overarching tip is: Get to know the territory.  Do research.  Ask questions.
Several means to this end are:
  • Read a guidebook.
  • Visit the official Walt Disney World Resort website ( and obtain a free vacation planning DVD; at the site, also check out the online planning tools which offer suggestions about experiences which may be of interest to first-time guests or to those combining a celebration with a Disney vacation.
  • Consult with the Disney World Moms Panel ( comprised of Disney-savvy parents who share knowledge in an online forum.
  • Use a Travel Agent to help you navigate the many choices on resorts, parks, and extras
The information gleaned from a combination of sources may lead a guest to conclude – correctly – that many considerations are involved in getting the most out of the theme park experience.  Furthermore, many of the considerations ultimately involve a guest’s interests and individual circumstances.

For instance, while the four Walt Disney World theme parks are all created for family fun, virtually any guest familiar with Disney World has a “favorite park.”  That’s because the parks’ themes vary dramatically – from lands of whimsy in Magic Kingdom to worlds of scientific and cultural accomplishment at Epcot to streets, sets and backlots of show business at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, to realms of animals living, extinct and imaginary at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Guests are immersed in those thematic worlds through stories “told” in attractions and experiences.  But the methods of immersive storytelling are many.  Sometimes a physically interactive entertainment concept is used, with guests being drawn into the action and becoming stars of the show.  Sometimes ride systems carry guests on journeys that range from tame to wild – just like the stories.  And sometimes the experience is physically passive, designed for the senses to “drink it in.”

With “homework” ahead of vacation, a guest can customize an itinerary to suit interests as well as considerations such as age, height restrictions and ambulatory limitations (a service MackeyMouse Travel offers free of charge to anyone who books with us).  A valuable source of information relating to “Traveling With Little Ones” and “Guests With Disabilities” is

Many considerations that impact satisfaction are common to all guests.  They involve tickets, time and convenience.  Here’s a closer look at some aspects of ticket-buying, time use (plus time saving and time “expanding”) and guest services that can add up to an exceptional, value-enhanced theme park experience.

Check back with us to find out more! We will be looking in depth at each point in planning the best and most magical Disney vacation possible. Contact us today:

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