Saturday, July 21, 2012

Luxury Disney Style

When you think about Luxury travel you probably don’t think about Disney World, but you should. Luxury doesn’t always mean the most expensive, although it generally comes at a price.

Concierge Lounge at the Beach Club
Luxury Disney Tip 1: Concierge Level at Disney Resorts

One of the first luxuries you can discover is the Concierge Level at the deluxe Disney Resorts. If you have utilized this service at other resorts around the world you understand the benefits as adults, but this service is so underrated when traveling with children. With several small meals throughout the day, along with coffee, tea, water, juices and snacks for the kids, this makes you feel more at ease having some comforts at home. After a jammed-packed, full day at the Park, it is great to not have to retreat immediately into your room for some downtime. The kids can color, watch a Disney Channel show and veg, while the parents can grab a cup of coffee, water, and just stare at each other in silence. Truthfully, those small items, like juice, water, coffee and fruit add up and can be taxing on a budget. Additionally, the continental breakfast offered everyday is enough to get most guests through to lunch without that added expense as well.

Luxury Disney Tip 2: Specialty Cruises

You may not know this but there are several opportunities to get on the water while you are at Walt Disney World! Disney's "Grand 1" 52-foot Sea Ray Yacht is the epitome of sophistication and elegance. Whether a romantic evening for two with Cinderella Castle as the backdrop, or an exclusive outing for a private group, your Captain and Deckhand will make your cruise an unforgettable experience. Private Dining is also available upon request.

There are several opportunities to watch Illuminations from pontoon boats or the Breathless, a solid mahogany Hacker Craft "Runabout Triple" is a 1920's style boat. Breathless II was commissioned into service at Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resorts in 2007. This boat is handcrafted exactly as built in the 1920's using modern technologies and materials unavailable at that time. The "Runabout" measures 26 feet in length and is powered by an 8.1 liter Mercury marine engine.

Luxury Disney Tip 3: Package Express

If you are a Disney Resort guest, this little luxury is complimentary. Utilize the Package Express to have merchandise purchases made throughout the parks delivered straight to your hotel room. How magical is that? No more having to weigh down the stroller with awkward sized packages and bags, knocking people over as you push your way out of the park. Now that is a luxury anyone could benefit from.

Luxury Disney Tip 4: VIP Guided Tour of the Parks

This luxury is not little, in fact, it is definitely something that would need to be included into your budget beforehand. The tours are available at both Disneyland and Disney World for all parks, and usually require advance reservations. It is worth including this luxury into my budget for a resort destination vacation like Disney World.  The need to cram in as much as possible in the time we are there, without getting overwhelmed or over tired, a VIP Tour is well worth it. And, if you are a Disney-buff, you will enjoy the bits of trivia and history your Disney Tour Guide will provide. It was a blast getting on all the popular attractions like Rock'n Roller Coaster with as much of a wait as the Fast Pass Line. At the end of the day, I felt relaxed, and accomplished.

Luxury Disney Tip 5: Dining

Don't forget to enjoy the culinary delights while at Walt Disney World resorts. Each of the Deluxe resorts offers amazing culinary cuisine.  Epcot is a huge favorite for trying dishes you might not try at home and you can reserve Chef’s Tables as well as pare your meals with amazing wine choices. Most of the fine restaurants require you plan well in advance and make your dining reservations at the 180 day mark!

A great way to take advantage of dining that is more apt for adults is to utilize Disney’s Babysitting service or one of the many kids clubs. These offer you a great opportunity to let everyone have a little “quiet” time to re-charge for more fun in the parks!

Disney offers so many options to meet every budget and taste. But many of these extras have to be planned and reserved well in advance, some 300 days in advance! Contact us today if you’d like to add any special event to your next vacation! We would love to help you make your trip one of a kind!

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