Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Special Souvenir

The Bead Outpost
Jack Spence ~ contributor Allears.net
A wonderful treat at Epcot! I am always looking for a souvenir that is different. I am kind of a Mickey snob and don’t like my Mickey memorabilia to be too touristy or too in your face! Now, you couldn’t tell by my front porch/house because he is prominentJ! Anywho….I am always looking for souvenir with meaning.  I want to look at that souvenir for years to come and remember why I bought it and where I was when I bought it. Hopefully it was a happy trip and I will remember the small nuances of that day!

The Bead Outpost at Epcot offers just such a souvenir. The beads that are used to make the necklaces, earrings, bracelets and anklets are made from old recycled brochures! Disney brochures to be exact!!! How awesome is that?!

Jack Spence ~ contributor Allears.net
Some of the beads you can really see the writing from the brochures which is my preference. But some of them are just a plain looking bead in a nice variety of colors. The outdated Disney items are sent to Uganda, through cooperation with the non-profit organization Bead For Life. There, villagers literally hand-roll the recycled paper into lovely, waterproof beads that are then made into jewelry, and sent back to Disney to be sold.

Close-up ~ this one doesn't show the writing as well.
The prices range from $7.00 for a pair of earrings to $20.00 for a necklace. We chose anklets ($12.00) so we could have a piece of Disney history with us always! What a great conversation piece it has been! I highly recommend taking some time out of your tour of Epcot to browse the huge selection at the Bead Outpost. You can bring home a little Disney history of your own!

My new favorite souvenir :)

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