Monday, February 11, 2013

Is your Travel Agent Biased?

Is Your Travel Agent Biased?

I just read an interesting article encouraging me to be biased. At first you might think this a strange concept. We are trained and taught to believe that being biased is unacceptable and down right rude. But, in the instance of picking the right vacation for your family, a little bias is in order.

I love Walt Disney World. I love the resorts, I love the attention to detail, the Disney Service, the desire to make sure that every day of my vacation is the best day yet. With that, when I am asked why should I pay more to stay "on property", I have to fall back on why I love Disney so much. I usually use the normal canned answer of, free Disney transportation, extra magic hours, package delivery and on and on.

But what I really need to say, is I love Disney. I wouldn't want a vacation just like the one I took when we went to visit Aunt Gladys in Omaha and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. While there is nothing wrong with Holiday Inn Express or Omaha, I specifically chose Disney World for the magic and enchantment of the entire destination. The resorts on property that Disney owns and operates are as much a part of that experience as the Magic Kingdom and Cinderella's Castle.

Not convinced yet? Disney has 3 categories of Resorts (plus the Home Away from Home resorts) that can meet any budget. Each resort has a unique theme that Disney carries through the entire property. If you choose the new Art of Animation Resort, you will live, if only for a week, in the world of Pixar and their most popular movies; Cars, Finding Nemo and The Lion King. Each building, each hallway, each room is decorated to reflect the world of the movie down to the light switch! Everywhere you look, you will see parts of the movie.

I worked for The Disney Store for 2 years in the mid-nineties. I learned so much more about Disney and the philosophy of Disney Service. There is on stage and off stage. We, the guest, are always on stage so everything we see is part of the "play" and considered in production. Disney and all of their cast members know this and work extremely hard to make sure our part of the production is flawless.

Does that mean we will have a vacation without hiccups? No, I don't think that is even humanly possible! What it means is, if something doesn't go right, Disney will do everything in its power (and its a mighty power!) to make sure they can correct the situation. Even if a simple heart felt "we apologize" with nothing monetarily attached is all you receive, it is 100 times more then what most hospitality companies will do for its guests. Disney truly believes you are their guest, just like when you visit Aunt Gladys in Omaha, you are visiting your cousins in Orlando. No one does it like Disney.

So the next time you are thinking about a trip to Disney, don't be bamboozled by a few dollars off your "hotel" stay. Choose to be enwrapped in Disney Theme, Disney Service and Disney Family and stay "on property".

MackeyMouse Travel is a graduate of Disney Knowledge and Disney Genius. We work hard at staying educated at all Disney has to offer. Call or email us for a free no obligation quote today. Remember, to use a travel agent is free, but our knowledge and bias is priceless!

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