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Disney With A Toddler

Disney With A Toddler

I love talking about Disney, anyone who knows me, knows this. One statement that drives me insane (yes there are many) is “I’m waiting to take junior when he will remember it”. Really? What a shame! You as a family have missed an amazing opportunity to grow closer, to build memories you will cherish for a lifetime. I took my daughter at 15 months old and I took my son at 8 months old and didn’t regret either trip. Now I titled this “Disney with a Toddler” because I want to focus on the ins and outs of taking a toddler instead of an infant. We’ll save that for another post. 

There are many factors to consider when planning a trip to Disney with a toddler. First thing to know is they are free till they are three!!! Most theme parks operate this way so you can adapt to wherever you plan on taking them. Free cannot be beat!! Why on Earth would anyone who knows this not take their under 3 kiddo is beyond me! I like to assume that most people don’t know this little fact, therefore they can’t take advantage of it. I have more than once! Cara went 3 times before she was 3!! Alex only 2, they can work that out with their shrinks later in life.

So what else do you I need to know, you may be asking. Well, where do I begin? Time to visit is important with a toddler. They have very active imaginations but a very short attention span. You’ll need to whiz through lines quickly and have the ability to take a nap at least once a day. So when are planning a trip you need to consider slower times throughout the year. September is slow but very warm most days and evenings. It offers free dining offers most of the time and Mickey’s Halloween party as an add-on. Early December is a perfect time to visit. Crowds are low, decorations and Holiday celebrations are in full force and again free dining just might be offered when you go. 

We have taken our kids during Spring Break, July 4th week, Columbus Week, and Christmas week. Work general dictates when we can travel and as the kids get older their school schedules will. While these weeks are not ideal times to go, we survived and have great memories from those trips. It has also been long enough that we have blocked out all of the bad stuff. I rang in the New Year holding Cara in my arms bundled up because we were freezing and she was sleeping on the beach at the Polynesian. We’ve watched more than one Celebrate America celebration sweating profusely and arguing with everyone because they touched you. We’ve stood in line for almost 2 hours for Pirates of the Caribbean during Spring Break with the millions of other people at WDW that week.
But with all of these negatives came a lot of positive memories.

Like Cara walking to Eeyore, taking her very first steps. Finding out that Alex was a bit too shy to take pictures with Minnie but was fine with all of the other characters. Or getting picked for the afternoon parade and dancing your feet off, or whatever you really call toddler dance. Every vacation has its limits, it’s what were we thinking moments. But with every one of those you have an unlimited supply of smiling moments, giggles you will remember forever, the amazing creases in your baby’s face as they watch fireworks for the very first time. All of these moments are priceless and make it all worthwhile!

Happy Traveling!!

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