Saturday, March 22, 2014

5 Secrets of Disney Resorts

5 Secrets of Disney Resorts

I risk having my membership revoked! What membership? My I will do anything short of murder to go to Disney World membership! What, you aren’t a member? That’s just weird. Anywho! Disney is an amazing place to visit. We go at least once a year. In fact, we used to be annual passholders until our little tax credits grew up!! Now it’s just once a year, but oooh what a week it is!

Disney is massive! We could do 5 top secrets of each resort, each theme park, heck even each land within each theme park. But we are focusing on the bigger picture today. If I had to narrow down the top 5 things I would want my client to know before they make the trip to my homeland, then these would be them: 

  1. You will not see everything. It is a proven fact that if you stayed at WDW on property for 2 complete weeks you would still not have time to do everything! There is that much to do! Instead focus on what type of trip you want, what memories you want to make this time and shoot for that. You can certainly ride all of the rides, but Disney is way beyond the rides. So planning ahead is important and understanding you won’t see it all is equally as important.
  2. There are no free lunches. Ok, that was my high school Economics teacher, but the same applies at Disney. Disney does not discount their park admission. They do not have people standing at the end of the exit ramp off I4 selling Disney tickets half off! They don’t have to and they don’t! There are a handful of outlets that buy Disney tickets in bulk and get what equates to 5% off the face value. I know about the more reputable ones but there are many snakey ones out there so be careful! There are ways to save and you can find a multitude of websites that offer tips on that, but never ever buy your tickets off Ebay or Craigslist!! There is no way to find out if they are legitimate until you and your family of 12 are standing anxiously at the turnstiles ready to go in and start your vacation!
  3. Fastpasses are for every guest! I am still amazed at the number of people who wrongly think that because they aren’t staying on Disney property or because they only have a one day ticket they can’t use the Fastpasses. Nope every admission for that day has equal access to Fastpasses. Use them! They save you time and save you heartache in the long run.
  4. Use your Disney Visa for extra savings. Disney Visa cardholders will have access to pre-public promotions and can earn points towards gift cards. Use your Disney Visa for everything! Pay it off at the end of the month and keep it for great savings! Decades ago this was the program that American Express used to have with Disney. But once Disney came out with their own card American Express couldn’t offer the same benefits. If you don’t have a Disney Visa, opening an account will get you major savings the first time you use it!
  5. You can make your dining reservations even without a resort reservation. If you think you might be planning on going Spring Break, Christmas or during any other busy time go ahead and make your dining reservations! Write them down because on most you will need a credit card to guarantee them only and will be charged $10 per person if you don’t show up. But that way you have a better chance at getting those coveted breakfast reservations in the Castle!

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