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Dad's Tips For Surviving.......Loving A Disney Vacation!

Dad's Tips For Surviving.......Loving A Disney Vacation

Are you one of those dad’s that hates taking your family to Disney for vacation? Your idea of vacation is not lugging 12 bags in heat across a lot of pavement only to rush to a ride to stand in line! All the while your wife is shopping like you are a millionaire and your children are whining because, well because they can!

There is a book you must read! “Ears of Steel: The Real Man’s Guide to Walt Disney World,” by Bart Scott gives you tips on how to not only survive the trip but how to have the best vacation of your life!!

I had the pleasure of hearing him speak last October in Orlando and fell in love with his humor and uncanny way of telling men that you too can survive a trip to Disney World! Scott says he wrote the book for the "football watching, beer-guzzling couch potatoes" who would rather relax in a recliner with a cold one and a sporting event on TV than spend hours in the hot sun walking around theme parks.

AWESOME video of Bart explaining his tips! 
His FIRST TIP: Always stay on property! Yes you can find a simple room off property cheaper but the benefits far outweigh any savings you might initially think you will be getting!

SECOND TIP: take your trip in the fall! The weather is better, the kids are back in school and the lines are so much shorter.

THIRD TIP: don’t stress over the money! Easier said than done right? He equates to traveling to Hawaii, you get off the plane they give you a flower necklace and you hand them your wallet! Disney does deliver the value. You don’t exactly hand them your wallet but planning ahead and doing as much before you go as possible will make your trip so much more enjoyable!

FOURTH TIP: and of course the most important, use an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner because most of us are insane Disney nuts! A Disney Planner can help when things go awry, which you plan not to happen but it’s human nature and could certainly happen with the best of planning!

FIFTH TIP: learn the My Disney Experience app! Make sure you have all of your reservations linked, your travel planner has your information linked with theirs so they can help while you are there. Play around with the app before you go so that you are ready and can do it walking with 10s of 1,000s of other people reading their smartphone! Prepare!!

Bart’s book is extremely easy and helpful! His ideas are geared towards men who would rather sit at home watching the ballgame but can apply to anyone headed to the World! You can find it on Amazon and other online book retailers! Get yours today and start enjoying Walt Disney World the way I do!!

Happy Planning!

Mia ~ MackeyMouse Travel

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