Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This is Just the Beginning!

Hello and WELCOME to the MackeyMouse Travel Blog. This is not a place to book travel, to check on prices or any "selling" whatsoever! You have my promise!! This is a community that we can all discuss travel and the excitement of planning our next big family event.

Who is MackeyMouse Travel and why is it the best choice for travel planning?

Quite simply MMT is me! I have been planning travel to Walt Disney World for well over 20 years. Personal travel, family reunion travel, travel for friends and co-workers. I LOVE helping people through the excitement of planning their most anticipated vacation! So, after some advice from family and friends I decided to make my dream a reality!!

My goal is to create a travel agency that makes planning fun for everyone. We are all busy in our personal lives, work and life in general. Who has time to scour the internet looking for the perfect price, the perfect time and the perfect option for an investment you are going to make for your family?  I am in constant training mode, learning as much as I can about multiple locations. Disney World is where I hold most of my current knowledge, but that doesn't mean I can't find the answer for you! I have a network of suppliers ready to help me make your vacation perfect! 

I work much like Disney does, I pay attention to the little details! You will have my undivided attention during the planning process, before you leave for your trip and well after you are back home!

Your next family memory is only a mouseclick away! Contact me so we can get started today! It doesn't matter when you are traveling, 2011, 2012 or beyond we can start today planning and make your dream a reality!

God Bless, thank you for visiting our blog today and come back often for updates!!

Mia M. Mackey
MackeyMouse Travel

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