Sunday, October 2, 2011

Walt Disney World Turns 40!

This weekend (October 1st) we watched in awe as Walt Disney World turn 40! 2011 marked my 40th birthday as well :) I am ok with that! I share a birth year with WDW AND my wedding anniversary is October 1st as well. I am a true Disney FANatic!
I don't remember my first trip to Disney because it was in the spring of 1972, but I remember a lot after that. Our favorite memories are of Fort Wilderness Campground both as a kid and now as an adult. We have camped rugged, camped in style and are dying to try the cabins. If you are a camper and haven't tried FW you are missing quite possibly the best campground in the world!

Upon arrive you check in at the Outpost while sitting in your car or RV! No need to get out, just drive up and check right in! Quite a convenient way of checking in if you ask me!! The campsites are in loops with the best loops for boat transportation being 100, 200 or 300. We love loop 400 though because it is across from 100 and 200 and is quite convenient!  The earlier you book the better your loop will be, but it never hurts to ask for these special loops!

There are many many things to do, a petting zoo, pony rides, wagon rides, horseback riding, Segway tours, and the ever popular golf carts!!!  Decorating your golf cart is well, an art!  Campers take great pride in decorating their sites for any holidays that might fall during their stay so a trip through is a must during holiday seasons!

As I mentioned you don't need to rough it to stay at the campground. There are cabins that are absolutely awesome! They sleep 6 have a kitchenette, a deck and the surroundings of the campground. The most relaxed and amazing trips we have had at WDW were at FW. Don't be afraid to try it!! 

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