Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween at Fort Wildnerness Campground

Fort Wilderness Campground (and its campers) know how to do holidays!!  No where else on Disney property will you find so many fun and unique ways to celebrate holidays. And HALLOWEEN is NO exception!

First you need to check out the Sleepy Hollow Halloween Carriage Ride. A ghostly storyteller hitches a ride with the group as you make your way to the "tavern". Here you meet Ichabod Crane and you decide which path to take. Ichabod takes one while you go another, where you see a ghostly figure coming to the schoolhouse: the Headless Horseman! 

Disney holds another Parade with the guests, including a Headless Horseman and all the decorated carts. Plus, they have a Site Decorating Contest and a Pet Costume Parade and Contest! Prizes are awarded for all three of these. If you would like to be part of any of these, get a registration form at the Outpost, the Settlement, or the Meadows Trading Post.

The OTHER Holidays coming soon!

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