Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Disney's PhotoPass - explained

Disney's PhotoPass

A great way to get yourself in the picture and allow yourself to enjoy the trip instead of worrying about getting that perfect shot!   Once you book your family vacation you will receive a packet of information. Within that packet is a card (credit card type) that has Disney's PhotoPass printed on it. Write that number down! Log onto the Disney PhotoPass website and register that card!

A photo pass will document your vacation in a way you can't. Disney's photographers are using state of the art equipment and are in the most amazing photo locations in all of the parks! Hand them your pass and they will shoot away. YOU will actually be in the shot!! 

On our last trip I had used the PhotoPass that was sent to me then lost it within a day of our trip! The first day pictures are ALWAYS the best!!  I logged on crossing my fingers that I had registered the card AND I had!!  Photos saved!

Disney also offers a great product to go along with your PhotoPass! You can order a photo CD of ALL of your pictures that their photographers took! A little trick that few people know is, you can PRE-ORDER that CD saving yourself $50 off the cost!!  It's a hard link to find so if you have trouble contact me and I will email it to you! 

A great way to help offset the cost of the CD is to go with a group. We were 3 families traveling together so the cost of our CD was cut by 1/3. I have read about people doing the same thing on online groups. I haven't done this and am not sure I would trust it but they are out there! I do have a friend who has done a group CD off of an online group and had no trouble at all!

So as part of your pre-planning with MackeyMouse Travel you need to make sure you add Disney's PhotoPass pre-order CD to your list! 

NOW let's go PLAN!

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