Monday, November 14, 2011

Sick at Disney

How to Survive When You Are Sick At Disney!

It happens, you plan for the perfect vacation and all of a sudden it is brought to a halt because you or someone in your traveling party gets sick. I've been sick at Epcot and it was NO fun! We were camping at Fort Wilderness and I had a high fever spent a lot of time in bed but was still determined to spend our last day with the kids at Epcot. We got to the park and I tried to make it, no luck, my wonderful husband went to the front of the park and rented me a wheelchair. SO my last day was spent being wheeled from attraction to attraction. I don't remember much!

I read a post on Facebook the other day about this very topic. One of the responses was truly why I love Disney and love being a travel agent for Disney. Here is an excerpt from that post: During our trip in 200?, our 1 year old daughter and myself got food poisoning. The front lobby of our resort called the on call doctor. She came to our room, but the fee of $350.00 had to be paid in full before she would treat us. The same for the meds she gave - paid in full on site. We missed 3 full days of park hopper tickets, and 3 days of dining plan meals. Upon returning home, we contacted our travel agent and she got in touch with Disney. end result - Disney repaid us the full amount of all medical expenses, meals missed on the dining plan, and gave myself, hubby, and older daughter 3 free park hopper passes that expire in 2020! We never expected this from Disney, even though we got food poisoning from one of the restaurants in Epcot. This generous refund was given freely from Disney as they felt horrible that we were so sick (and trust me - I have never been so ill in my life!). Disney truly takes care of their guests!

Now this may not be the typical response to illness at Disney but does prove another point. A travel agent is extremely helpful if the unthinkable happens. It is part of my job to help you and advocate for you! That's why it's important to choose your agent wisely and use one for every trip! 

NOW Let's go PLAN!!!

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