Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why Use MackeyMouse Travel

In the day of the Internet why on Earth would you use a Travel Agent? A Travel Agent (T/A), more importantly MMT, can give you the extra something you are looking for. Let's face it, the economy isn't what it used to be and the family vacation is suffering because of it. MMT can help you use your vacation dollars wisely! We will shop the best deals and let you know if the lowest price is the "best" price!

These are the Top 10 reasons to use MackeyMouse Travel as YOUR travel agent:

  1. Travel expert through continuous vendor education.
  2. Competitive edge, Disney won't recommend a day at Universal!
  3. Via daily updates, we receive the most current deals!
  4. Analyze the current promotions, cheapest isn't always the best!
  5. Clarifying the fine print
  6. Makes recommendations based on YOUR needs!
  7. Acts as a personal shopper for travel!
  8. The best seats, cabins and rooms are blocked off for T/A use.
  9. We can get problems resolved quickly leaving you time to vacation.
  10. Value added benefits: incentives offered to book through us!

We can book your All-Inclusive, your Cruise Vacation, your hotel for a weekend getaway and even car rentals.  We can do it all!  Call us today!

NOW Let's go PLAN!!

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