Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hair Wraps at Walt Disney World

Hair Wraps at Walt Disney World

You have seen these I’m sure, they are everywhere! From the beach to theme parks to cruise ships you can get your hair wrapped just about anywhere now. Disney is no exception! This has become as much a tradition as the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for our daughter! This year we decided to get hers done at the Magic Kingdom and I am so glad we did. The cast member went above and beyond (as usual!) taking great pride in her work!!

 Hair wraps are quite simply string that is wrapped around a strand of hair. I suppose you could go nuts and get a ton of them to look like the braids you get in some areas, but that could be pricey!! Fortunately my daughter’s hair is short, but the price still sneaks up there because she has to get tons of embellishments. You can find Hair Wrap stations at all of the resorts (generally near the pool), at the theme parks (this one was in Adventureland outside of Pirates), Downtown Disney and the water parks.

Ours was cheaper this year versus last but I think it was a matter of where the cast member put the wrap. This year we spent $25 and last year it was $33. Not a cheap souvenir but certainly one she takes home and keeps for 2-3 weeks! We do nothing special to wash around it, we just wash her hair like normal and it turns out fine. A great treat that can withstand the heat, the water and the test of kids!

Beads and Embellishments

String color options
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