Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream

Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream

One of the many reasons we love Walt Disney World so much is each and every trip we come away with a new memory. A new experience we had not experienced before. Our last trip we spent more time at Hollywood Studios than in the past and are certainly glad we did! You almost either have to devote a full day or a morning and an evening to get all this park has to offer.

We walked past One Man’s Dream several times. It is located between The Little Mermaid and Toy Story Mania. An odd location and a very overlooked attraction. We had some time before one our Fastpass times so we strolled in. Now I’m a history buff so I find anything historical absolutely fascinating. But this exhibit kept our children just as entertained. It proves just how amazing Walt Disney was!

You start out learning about Walt’s childhood, his parents and the town that had the biggest impact on his life. Quickly you turn to his early adulthood where you see his struggles and desire to animate and the story behind the Mouse.  There are early artifacts from his first attempts at animation and the founding of the Walt Disney Company.

There are plenty of dioramas, mock-ups, audio interviews, ending with a film about Walt Disney. We enjoyed this attraction we went through twice!

Here are some pictures from our experience. Tell us about yours!

Replica of Walt's studio office

Muriel of Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Sleeping Beauty Castle Model

Original Dumbo Ride car
Cinderella's Castle Model
Peter Pan's Flight Model - my favorite ride!

Explorers Landing Fortress Model - Tokyo Disney

Weird view, but there is a hidden Mickey. Can you see it?
Hard to see! But trying to show you the hidden Mickey.
Model of the new Little Mermaid ride in the Fantasyland expansion

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