Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thank YOU~

A BIG Thank You to ALL of Our Fans!

A very talented lady posted this on her blog the other day and I found it very prophetic....

"Although they may not realize it- when someone purchases one of my tie dye items, they are supporting my family!  They are helping me pay my bills, enroll my son in t-ball, and pay for groceries so that I can put food on the table.  The money they spend on me does not disappear into a black hole of corporate spending."

This is true when you help any small business.....but especially small MOM businesses. MackeyMouse Travel is one of those businesses. I truly love what I do and consider it an honor to help friends (new and old) plan their vacations. While you all know Disney is my passion I am a full service travel agent constantly training in new and awesome vacation destinations. 

I never charge a fee for my services and will go above and beyond to make sure you have a fabulous time. While, many of you are Disney fans yourselves and can certainly plan and/or book your own vacations, I would appreciate any time you allow me to book for you. I work solely on commission and no trip is too small! Disney, as well as cruise lines and resorts have calculated a commission into their rates so you are either paying me or paying that to the corporate suit that isn't looking after your best interest! 

I love talking Disney and traveling in general and hope that you have found MackeyMouse Travel a fun place to escape your everyday even if for only a little bit! Always feel free to comment, like share and post anytime!! We love hearing from you because without you we wouldn't exist. Thank you let's get planning!!

Here are my Top 10 reasons for booking with a professional travel agent:

1.    We love our jobs
2.    Supporting our U.S. Economy (ever wonder where those 800s go to?)
3.    We will be on top of any schedule changes, delays or cancellations
4.    We provide payment options and terms
5.    We (the majority) are there 24/7 if you need us
6.    Agents have toured the destinations and resorts, so yes…we know       more than you!
7.    Have a better chance of scoring you an upgrade
8.    Problems before/during/after the trip, we go to bat for you NOT THE COMPANY
9.    We will put you in the perfect resort for your expectations and budget
10.    We are travelers just like you

Quote above by Cassi Selby of 1GreatThing -


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