Sunday, July 7, 2013

Payment Plans for Vacation

Payment Plans for Vacation

When Cara was young we had a small pop-up camper. We loved our camper! We would go camping every weekend and I could put it up by myself! Once I bought her actual play clothes (she was my first and I should have bought stock in Gymboree!), she could get out and tromp around in the creek or pet the bunnies, try to feed the peacocks. So many amazing memories! One day I was talking with my dad about camping and I said Cara just loves it! He said I know why, because she has you and here daddy 24/7. No phone, no tv (although we had tv with a DVD player because she needed her shows!), just us playing, relaxing and enjoying and growing. I miss those days!

Blink and 9 years later and an addition of a little brother we don’t camp much anymore. Too many things to do, too many irons in the fire! I’m sure like most of you, we try to schedule family time, maybe a family movie night, a girl’s day or a boys going to the game, but it’s not the same.

Sometimes the time isn’t always the issue. These days it’s hard to scrap together a large chunk of cash at once! That’s where MackeyMouse Travel can save the day! We can offer low deposits and monthly payments, giving your wallet a rest and allowing you to pay CASH for some much needed family time!

How can we do that? MMT has partnered with suppliers who offer our clients the best service and the best options for your family’s budget. Our largest supplier (well outside of Disney!) has now lowered their deposit to $150! Even on packages that include air!!!! Unheard of!!

Sit down tonight and talk to your kids, talk to your family and decide where you can reconnect together! Is it going to be on the beaches of the Caribbean with oodles of kid’s clubs activities? Or is it going to be on a ship at sea, where you can opt for a formal night for that family portrait? Or what about a magical trip to Walt Disney World where your princess can ride on daddy’s shoulders wearing her tiara and princess dress?  Where ever your dreams take you, MackeyMouse Travel is ready to help you plan it! Contact us today so we can get that vacation planned!

Trips with low deposits:
Walt Disney World - $200.00
Disney Cruise Line – Percentage of cruise fare
Most Major Cruise Lines - $100.00 - $200.00 per person
All Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean - $150.00

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