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When is the Best Time?

Best Time to Book An 
All Inclusive Vacation

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So you have decided to take your family to an all-inclusive resort. Congratulations! You will have a fabulous time bonding and making lots of fantastic memories! But when should you go and how far in advance should you book your vacation? Great questions, let’s take a look at these.

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As a travel planner, I get calls all the time for family vacations during those famous school holidays! You know, Christmas holiday, Thanksgiving, Spring Break or any week from mid-June through mid-August. These are Peak Weeks! Steer clear!! If you are able to be flexible with your dates then choose dates that aren’t quite as obvious for school-aged children. September, for instance, offers summertime weather and rock bottom prices. Most resorts are recuperating from the busy summer and offer a much friendlier, personal trip. Late October through mid-November also offer fabulous times to hit
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the tropical beaches of Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican. A fairly short window, but decently priced and a great respite from the cold, is early January for about 2 weeks.

So as you can see, when you go plays a huge role in how much you are going to pay! Keep that in mind when you are deciding on that awesome tropical vacation. Now, I mentioned how far in advance you should book. Well, typically 4-6 weeks is a good time to book anything. But with today’s economy it has become necessary for more and more people to book and plan in
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advance. I am a planner. I have to work on my family’s vacations for months at a time and would love that same opportunity for yours. Airfare won’t be available until 10 months before but resorts can be booked up to 15+ months in advance. So, if you are working with a travel planner, book that resort, get the perfect room with the best view. Start paying on it and add the air in later when it becomes available and you feel like you are getting the best possible rate. It is again, going to depend on when you are traveling as to when you should add air to your vacation.

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You see, a travel planner is a great option to help you with payment options, information about the destination and if you choose the right planner, guides you on the best resort for you and your family. Remember, it’s all in the plan!

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