Saturday, July 27, 2013

Refillable Mug Changes at WDW Might Be Coming!

Disney's Rapid Fill 

Last weekend we took a long weekend and headed to our favorite place on Earth! You Guessed it Orlando! I did some research and photos while Steve took the kids to Blizzard Beach (look for a blog soon!). He mentioned something to me that might be coming true at the resorts at Disney World sooner rather than later.

In my weekly reading of all things Disney I ran across an article about Disney's Rapid Fill coming to the resorts. What does that mean? When you are at the water parks you can purchase a refillable mug for a set price. It has a bar code on it that you have to scan each time you refill before the machine allows you to refill your mug. This cuts down on guests bringing their mugs from 1992, which irritate me to death!! But I digress!

Apparently plans may be in motion for this system to be installed at all of the resorts on Disney property. All Star Sports Resort has
been the test resort and it must be working well for Disney! Taking away the opportunity for entire family's to bring their mugs from
their visit 5 years ago and cheating the system. So be mindful before you pack those mugs with the intention of getting free soft drinks that Disney may be one step ahead of you ;)

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