Monday, November 18, 2013

How Long Should We Go?

How Long Should We Go?

I was recently asked why I take my kids to Disney so much. After I almost passed out, I realized it was a legitimate question. Most visitors to Walt Disney World go for a few days; they may or may not stay on property and usually visit no more than 2 parks. Astonishing! Disney Travel Agents would never recommend such a crazy plan!

Long day wears us out!
Our visits to WDW are planned well in advance of our trip and we know exactly what we will be doing and in essence what the vacation will be like. Every visit to WDW is different based on how we plan it. If we are going for a short trip (5 or 6 nights) we have very little rest time and just the basic dining reservations. If we are going for a nice long trip (10+nights) we take our time, spend as much time at the resort as we do at the parks. Then we have a totally different experience if we go with friends or family. 

Planning a trip to Disney is extremely important. It’s not a cheap vacation. Gone are the days of free tickets or rock bottom deals at Disney. Rumor has it the much sought after Free Dining offers Disney has become famous for are not going to make a return visit next year. So when you are spending this much of your money on vacation it’s important to make sure you plan it and make it as near to perfect as humanly possible. 

How long should you stay? A decent introduction to Disney can be done in 5 nights with 4 days in the theme parks. That would give you 1 single day per park. If you are feeling adventurous add park hoppers to your tickets so if you find you have done all you wanted to do at Animal Kingdom you can skip back over to the Magic Kingdom. I don’t normally recommend park hoppers unless you go to WDW a lot but it is completely up to you!

Planning makes it all better!
So there’s my answer 5 nights, 4 days in the parks. That gives you a great introduction to Disney, but it doesn’t give you much else. If you want to take a break day, then go for 7 nights and take a day off, adding a 5th day in the parks to revisit rides or attractions your kids fell in love with! 

Whatever you do, plan ahead! It’s important for your sanity and to avoid baby meltdown. Disney is busy all year long now, so making sure your family has the best experience possible is doable with just a little thought into what you want to do. 


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