Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Building Lasting Memories

Building Lasting Memories!

Cara and I would sneak off to Fantasyland!

We all go on vacation to create lifelong memories with our children. A fabulous way to do that is to plan some girl time or some boy time. Choose an afternoon during your vacation and take your daughter to get a mani/pedi together. Or pick an excursion just you and your son would like to do.

It’s ok to split up during your trip. In fact it will make your trip a million times better. Giving the family time a break and giving your child that one on one attention they are craving is going to go miles towards strengthening your bond. It doesn’t have to be mom and daughter or dad and son. If dad and your daughter want to go rent the water mice at the Contemporary then let them! You and your son could plan a cupcake crawl (trying cupcakes at various locations like the monorail resorts). 

It doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can be simple and unplanned, sort of. But the memories you will have will be priceless! I guarantee it and I don’t guarantee a whole lot!! Steve and my niece did this during one of our pre-kids trip. They did an E-night once (the Magic Kingdom would stay open extra hours at night for people who purchased an “E-ticket”. It was phenomenal!) I took Cara back to the resort while they stayed out until 2am. They had a ball! They rode every single ride in the Magic Kingdom multiple times, usually without getting off. And they had one on one time cutting up and being as goofy as they wanted! A time they both remember fondly!

So don't be afraid to split up! That one on one time is very special and another way you build lifelong memories!


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