Saturday, November 23, 2013

We Have To Do It All!

We Have To Do It All!

I love hearing that. Ok, no I really don’t! First of all, you could stay at Disney World for 2 weeks, 14 days and still not see or do everything Walt Disney World has to offer its guests. It’s physically impossible.  With a whole lot of family vacation planning you will get more done than you imagined! I have been many, many times and I have done just a small amount that is there!

So how do you erase the idea of “We Must Do It All”? Simple. Do what your family wants to do. Decide ahead of time which parks are a must do. Do we have to do all 4 parks to have a magical time? No, you don’t. Then decide which rides you want to ride in each park. You may not be up to the Tower of Terror and can mark it off your must do list. Taking the time ahead of time to decide this as a family makes it much easier to walk away from the ride or attraction when you are there. If not, you might find yourself venturing into unplanned territory.

Here is a simple, yet useful equation to help you decide what you’d like to do. Take each member of the family and write their names. Under their name add what ride they must do. Then you can decide what the family will do together and even split your family of 4 into 2s for the fast riding pair and for the slow riding pair. Taking a break and spending some one on one time with your daughter riding the rides you two love will make for a much happier family in the end! And she’ll remember that time you spent together without her pesky brother! Win/win!

Try it next time you go! It’s a little more work in the planning stage, but it will be so worth it in the long run!


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