Wednesday, December 4, 2013

At Least An Hour!

At Least An Hour!

Hmm, I’ve heard grumbles about Disney transportation for years. We’ve always depended on the buses and have really only had one time it went bad. Not bad after many many trips!!

Every time I make a dining reservation for a client I am instructed to tell my client to allow at least an hour to get from their resort to the restaurant. I usually halfway listen because I have always done that! But I realize not everyone does Disney like I do Disney. So here is my quick how to get around Disney.

Resort to Park – 1 hour
Resort to Resort – 1 ½ hours and do not go to Downtown Disney to do it!
Park to Park – 1 hour

Now if you are crazy, I mean lucky and going during busy times like Christmas, I would bump all times up at least 30 minutes. But even during slow times you need to understand that Disney knows their crowd projections months in advance and if it’s going to be slow they will have fewer buses running. That could mean longer wait times than you would think necessary. Buses run about every 20-30 minutes so you can see that if you are giving yourself 30 minutes to be somewhere it’s going to be cutting it close because you have to factor in walking time, bag check, entering the park and slow walking people in front of you!

So do yourself and your family a favor. Plan at least an hour to get there! I’d rather you be early than miss dining with Pooh and Tigger or Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother!!

**a warning to add here. There are NO direct buses that take you from resort to resort. You will have to go to a park then catch a bus to the resort. That is why I say give yourself lots of time!


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