Saturday, December 7, 2013

Be Our Guest Review

Be Our Guest
Lunch Review

I wasn’t too sure about the new Fantasyland restaurant Be Our Guest. I had read a little about it, had clients try it but I guess until you can do it yourself you really don’t know. First it happens to be the coolest themed restaurant on Disney property, any Disney property. The gargoyles, the knights in shining armor (the noise they make) and the 3 different dining rooms all make this a very inviting place to visit!

We were walking past the Beasts castle when we decided to get some pictures. Two cast members were at the podium by the restaurant and welcomed us and invited us to go in. Woohoo! It was empty and we could roam around!! The detail is incredible. We took a look around and decided we had to try it for lunch!

We came back a few hours later and there was indeed a line. That’s ok, we had the time and really wanted to try it. We waited about 30 minutes which really isn’t bad and it was well worth the wait! The knights were waiting for us, still sleeping and making all kinds of noises lol. Once we were through the knights we entered a room full of kiosks. Here is where we ordered our lunch using a touch screen kiosk to make our selections and then off we were to find a table.

A cast member was waiting to let us know we could choose a table in any of the 3 dining rooms. We chose to go into the Rose Gallery and what a fabulous room it is! We acted like tourist and took lots of pictures but noticed a server never came by. We had already gotten our drinks before we sat down, but still no one came by to find out what we had ordered. About 10 minutes after we sat down a server came by with a cart, checked our receipt and gave us our order! How amazing is that?! They hadn’t asked ahead of time what our number was or what we had! They just wheeled over to
 us, checked our receipt to make sure what they had is what we had ordered and presto got my sandwich!

We asked a cast member how that was possible and they explained that our magic band sends out a signal that their carts picks up. When we ordered our food at the kiosk, even if using cash or credit card and not the food plan, we touched Mickey to Mickey basically giving our magic band number to the computers that were on the server’s carts. Very cool technology and very efficient too!
The food was delicious and very plentiful! I highly recommend it even if you have to stand in line to wait! I haven’t had the pleasure of dining there for dinner, although a friend has. She tells me that for dinner you will arrive at the front and proceed like you would at any sit down restaurant at Disney World. So no magic kiosk or magic band talking to the magic carts. I might stick with my earlier plan of only doing Be Our Guest at lunch so I can see that cool technology at work again! What about you? Do you plan on trying Be Our Guest soon?


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