Sunday, February 16, 2014

Avoid Family Meltdown!

How to Avoid a Family Meltdown at Disney World!

Cara "chillin" in July
We’ve all been there. It’s hot (no matter when you go WDW can be hot!). You’re tired. Your amazing child is whiney. You are in sensory overload with all of the sights, the sounds, the smells and yes the tastes of the most magical place on earth. And your last nerve has just snapped!

Boom! It’s on! “The next kid that whines is gonna get it!” We’ve heard dozens of parents say this every day of our vacation. Sadly, we’ve said it a couple of times ourselves! We’ve identified the problem, now let’s find the solution!

July photo shoot!
Midday break is a must! No matter how young you are, no matter how in shape you are, no matter how well you’ve prepped your family, you will need a chance to sit and recharge. When my kids were younger we always planned our trips like this:

7:00 leave resort for Magic Kingdom
12:00 leave Magic Kingdom for resort (catch burger in park if we are up to it)
4:00 leave resort for Epcot

Our trips went like this every single time, until recently. Why did you take 4 hours in prime time you ask? Because kids need down time! They don’t need scrunched up in a stroller sleeping in the heat time. They need flat on their backs (or in our babies case on tummy butt in the air) time, in a dark and cool room. We would take a shower, change our clothes and rest ourselves. You’d be amazed and what wetting your hair will do to your body temperature!!!

When I see parents dragging kids around the park, whining, pitching a fit, screaming, or just walking very tired I want to take the parent and square up their shoulders and say listen to me now. You will thank me later. We all need that midday break now. It’s a given! I did mention we did this until recently, I’ll discuss that another day. Until then remember this, you are on vacation and you don’t have to do every single thing to prove you had fun at Disney!

Happy Planning!

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