Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3 Ways to Save Money While Traveling!

 3 Ways to Save Money While Traveling!

When you have children you can’t always travel whenever the mood strikes. It can be difficult because most destinations will take full advantage of this. There are a few ways to help you avoid the headache of budgeting a trip that would otherwise cause you to take out a mortgage.

First, plan far ahead. Days of last minute deals are almost all but gone. Last minute deals do not exist the week between Christmas and New Year’s. They rarely pop up for Spring Break season or even during the summer months. Resorts and Cruise Lines love to market “Special Deals” or “Last Minute Offers” but the truth is its nothing more than marketing to get you onto their site to fall in love with the idea of visiting their locations. Don’t fall for it! Refer to our blog post “Top 10 Reason to use MackeyMouse Travel” to find out how we offer savings and attention to the fine print!

I would suggest 6 months or longer. If you need to use frequent flyer miles then you will need to cash them in at least 6 months ahead so that it takes fewer points to “pay” for your flight or hotel stay. Spend them wisely!

Second, a good travel planner (MackeyMouse Travel!) will make sure that you are booked into a rate that will allow a switch if a better rate comes out. Having that flexibility is important. If you book with the wrong rate code it won’t matter if something cheaper comes along you are stuck. I have saved clients $200 per person on a cruise because the rates dropped closer to sail date.

Third, consider travel insurance. I don’t always suggest travel insurance because I know which supplier I have that is flexible with changes. But if you are going it alone and aren’t using a free travel planner, than I would really consider adding the insurance so you can make changes or even cancel if you need to. If not you could lose your entire deposit and any additional payments you have made.

These days vacations aren’t exactly cheap. We work hard and want to give our family’s the best we can possibly give them. Don’t take chances with your money. You wouldn’t buy a house without a realtor, so don’t take a vacation without a travel planner! 

Happy Planning!!


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